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old and following…


olds can be the reason for
not buying the books

and its the pain they’ll
somehow hide, behind the petals of their faces
because they know there are metaphors

waiting for the same youngsters
when they will carry petals beneath their eyes

they ask dun judge us by skin
and judge us by the same

as today we are selling the books
as propaganda sells
but how to tell you loved younger my being ones
the life we have had

please buy the books and spare us some more life
so that next day, when you’ll be similar
similarity shouldn’t be only

sharing of our graves….


Structure…..I can’t blend


Merging it to rituals and making it a image
Giving it a name

And acceptance came running

courtesy lauren mcgrath...

courtesy lauren mcgrath...

in aftermath
So is repetition…

I can’t blend
Colors’? No call them structure
I can’t blend structures

It becomes what it is…
Sometimes it isn’t…
Sometimes I blend
I can’t blend

I can’t blend
Because I lose reasons
So I lose images…so many
Blending…is iconography…
A politically correct policy

I am not saying what is right
And what is fallacy
What is said in here…
reasons inside
are surfacially outside…

I don’t know…


somewhereIt seemed quiet relentless

As heart is away from my body

Far off uneasy and pounding

Never let, drags my body

Somewhere, where it’s unable to reach

Like a child, dragging mother to toy

Mind goes blank, couldn’t find solution

And says, better you sit

The heart is felony and childish

But, somewhere I lie

Listening them both

Clueless in quarrel

I love the child but mind overtakes

Sitting here but caressing

My weeping heart

As I don’t have money to buy the toy.