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dead man


he speaks loud


says nothing

they called him


and i named him  “noan”

noan is a bearded man

petaled eyes

netted face

exists nowhere

in the sprawl

meets lost people

halted in the travel

missed by all

noan is a record keeper

and speaks in mumblings

his sentences are jumbled

meanings are lost

living in a tent…you see him in dark

when relativity is lost

images are blurred

and middleton prevails

everything looks like trace

symbolic existence

and “noan” is same

he lives where symbols only prevail



he is a dead man

living on a high ground

do one thing to find him

sleep when you are tired

underneath a tree

and make sure you wake up

when darkness prevails

look around and no one is there

be confused and move fast

in any direction as you may

and you will see

fire crackles

yellow radiance

go nearby and there will be

dark silhouette


he is a sweet man

he’ll offer you a pungent supper

and then talk to him

since you are lost

tell him all your stories

he’ll listen

and then ask your confusion

about his existence

and yours


he’ll speak loud

and will say nothing

you wont realize that

but you’ll some how choose your direction

he wont travel with you

as he knows…its not preferable to travel with a dead man

and then one day someone will write a story

and it’ll start with you

slapping a boy coz he plucked your beloved



and then the story teller will realize

you still didn’t understood

rose was nothing

if not plucked

as it would have died anyways

boy at least provided it

due momentous love


and more “noan”

will be found

who speak loud and say nothing…

as boy was the dead man…

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is definition of likes
our being
and past

and then a poet comes
and our being, likes and obsoleteness
start looking separate
and poet leaves
a blur line

take me home…


how to say
is home
to whom

home is metaphorical
and “take me home”
is looking inside

take me home
with fewest images
with least struggle

take me home
flying fastest

take me home
without correcting spelling mistakes

take me home
drunk undrunk

take me home
for now
to silence of my thoughts

take me home to that
homely couch
with love beside

take me home…
lets all be home together
and huddle close by
like one,,,

take us home
with words so beautifully
you recite…

old and following…


olds can be the reason for
not buying the books

and its the pain they’ll
somehow hide, behind the petals of their faces
because they know there are metaphors

waiting for the same youngsters
when they will carry petals beneath their eyes

they ask dun judge us by skin
and judge us by the same

as today we are selling the books
as propaganda sells
but how to tell you loved younger my being ones
the life we have had

please buy the books and spare us some more life
so that next day, when you’ll be similar
similarity shouldn’t be only

sharing of our graves….

defining usual


Detailing is loving

I mean

Loving is detailing

Falling in love is

Getting an idea

Infatuation is

foreign milieu

Flirting is exploring

And dreaming is


Text is possibility

Speculation is explaining

Failing is initial

Philosophy is texting

proposal is attaching

Imagining her unformed

Is generating

kissing and caressing

Is construction

Sex is separating…

For the next love making


And I cant fall into detailing

either detailing is absolved in

My texting

 And it needs redetailing


My loving leaps to separating…



when taking over

is possible

when drowning is plausible

when thanking is defeatable

when blurring is eye opener

when loving is fallible

when pain is enjoying

when deep is surfacial

when thought is physical

when real is debatable

when life is virtual

when borrowed is valuable

when pain is sweet

and knowledge is ridicule

when beauty is explainable

when i am in love

and its acceptable