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exactly apposite “I am”


I am happy

joyous and grumpy

celebrating and sulky

foolish and def

exactly opposite …“I am”


I am mad and tame

restless and innate

dirty and pristine

boisterous and calm

 exactly opposite… “I am”


I am good and bad

pink and black

curled and straight

smooth and rough

 exactly opposite…“I am”


I am high

and low

Surfaced and below

cunning and straight

deep and afloat

colored and white

confident and timid

pained and pleased

rash and coward

vulgar and petty

hero and anti

singular and many


exactly opposite …“I am”


i am you and me

image and trait

real and bait

spent and saved


i am poise and mean

exactly opposite…”I am”






right and left


he said about right

and being wrong

and how right he was 

that i didn’t left a thought

apposing him


he was right and i was left 

knowing he wasnt right

and i wasnt left

we both were in between


juggling in

right and left


what about being on right

and believing in


of left


you don’t know

life mostly

takes us right and left

and all we are

some right

and some

left not being right…