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smell it…coffee beans


there is no rule to win a game

only chance fall by

so the system which create maximum


produces victory pie…




times pass by…

and systems get old

so  the individuals with victory pie

and so would be charred the reasons

of getting the pie…

and new dog system will emerge…

world shall fall by…



where am i…

in a void of transition

feeling feeble

and naive….


things we celebrate and cherish

happened by an unknown


who passed by unknown in the void

of transition…

and he couldn’t say much

as this void of traveling all the time

requires sacrifice…

but still…

it needs to be clarified

one never knew he would be the cleric

of the systems which would fall by

and vice versa…


I don’t know…


somewhereIt seemed quiet relentless

As heart is away from my body

Far off uneasy and pounding

Never let, drags my body

Somewhere, where it’s unable to reach

Like a child, dragging mother to toy

Mind goes blank, couldn’t find solution

And says, better you sit

The heart is felony and childish

But, somewhere I lie

Listening them both

Clueless in quarrel

I love the child but mind overtakes

Sitting here but caressing

My weeping heart

As I don’t have money to buy the toy.