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allergy…and dark glares


give me more of white

and i’ll show¬†you what is colour of milk

give me more of black

and every night will be coloured

give me more in hands of condradictions

and richness is all, everyone will experience…


i don’t claim of knowing

but instincts and contradictions prove to be suffiicient…

that is why…

dreaming is never sufficient…

hopefully you and I understand…what i intend.


Brothers…they leave


brothers, they leave

mother knows

fighting teenagers

affection grows and then we hear

brothers leave

ask my father

he is a brother or was

ask everyone elder

they are or they were

brothers leave

boundaries made

peace is future

when walls are drawn

walls are guardians

of love

Mother knows, why walls must be drawn

as mother worries

love be there or not


peace must be brokered

ground must be tilted

walls must be drawn

dream poet dream

light candles

but we must build

because mother of brothers knows

with every child

walls must be drawn…



small unseen errors

changing the system

the form is waiting to be affected

as details will differ…

had a choice

since the errors were minuscule

but correcting them required

overhauling of the whole

more time and patience…


since they were unseen

i carried on

and adjusted the details in correspondence

of errors…

now what i see…in aftermath


of complete system…

and going back is possible

only if time gets reverse…

beauty structure…


look at those shoes

some unexpected lines

in the defined form

look at her…


plus some flowing belly lines

look at that car

some utilitarian curve

plus some curves which defined scale of utility

that tree is so humble

sky is so vibrant

this song is so structural

her voice has grains

the writing is so modest

his life was zero

that food was so delicious

why this hunger brings happiness

are we searching beauty still…

layered beauty

that tree of car in the shoe print of the girl

who sings that deep song with her grainy voice

is it beautiful?

is layering tangible?

so deep grainy voice…

like water flowing behind the hills…


intelligence of frills on his face

of a decade…


blues of greens, yellows of whites

pink in blacks…when lights falls on them…

travelling far from moon…


does burning of a oil lantern creates prettier light

than burning of coil…

is it because it accompanies smell…


so would you like to watch full moon

with “full moon sonata” playing

accompanied with drinks…


does beauty belongs to occasion

or it was always true

it only lies in our vision…

whatever way…does beauty beholds

a cynical mind?

does beauty has form?

architecture and life


hit by self righteousness

obviously i must be wrong…

did we ever see a drunken man

not behaving like a drunk…

when one drinks

one gets drunk…

so which teacher(human) doesn’t talk

which reader doesn’t express

if someone is moving in a direction

something must be reverse…

are directions also right and wrong?

given god is everywhere and sane…

hit by self consciousness

so we know who we are…

does it changes “the definition of life”

or happiness is new ritual

now “I do what makes me happy”

and what makes me happy….is….

broadest life

but i was talking architecture to them

and they talk life…

more than next


seeing the future

too much…

time involved

far far away

lines drawn on

line drawn

gazing the sun

it’s harsh

blinds closed

orange imprinted on mind


eyes, not needed anymore

time still passes by

nothing helps

hearing small small things

only waiting for moment

next to next of

just passed by…