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accompanied hope…


whimsical mind

protective gestures

bursting actions

reciprocating response

curls closed

voids now flute with captured

wind chimes

no shared plays…as outside world

seems closed for now

whimsical mind

cutting my actions

closing accounts

washing hands…

deleting past response

now past calls seem fake

or just a momentous pause

like drunk night action

and then realizing all wrong

but still

there is time

to decide…

i am working…and correcting

my lies

living with hope

what if…

truth accompanied my lies…

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“when” it never came by…



when i was comfortable last time…

when i wasn’t moving…if time did

or i was (un) conciously blind…

when i could snap the moments

in laziness


when day was the colours

passed by

and people were yellow and flies

buzzing around


when was last time

my house was spotless clean

with me lonely

politically unsound


when was last time

i rejoiced

its done…

and celebrated the excellence


when i felt intelligent

and steady like an old

last time




i was not the student

and knew…the naivity

of all others around….


when did i…if did anything…

was like…as if

creativity and intelligence

are mine…only mine


when i failed to understand

said the monotone

and detailing went by

and no excuses…as all the other dimensions

except mine

were lies



when was i, the saint…

and did everything right…

well i hope this “when”

only comes for the moments

just before my extreme joys…