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he asks me to be happy

useless, me helpless

i am not happy and he detests me

of not being happy and being happy

about it

and i think….hehe…is the only solution

next day

starting with a whitsle

he is only going to worry about

sorry i forgot

that’s what he detests

but i know

i am not gonna survive with this



i love her watery eyes…

but…here i am the same guy

not gonna reveal identities

gonna die in a tunnel

as i use..used tags  or


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exactly apposite “I am”


I am happy

joyous and grumpy

celebrating and sulky

foolish and def

exactly opposite …“I am”


I am mad and tame

restless and innate

dirty and pristine

boisterous and calm

 exactly opposite… “I am”


I am good and bad

pink and black

curled and straight

smooth and rough

 exactly opposite…“I am”


I am high

and low

Surfaced and below

cunning and straight

deep and afloat

colored and white

confident and timid

pained and pleased

rash and coward

vulgar and petty

hero and anti

singular and many


exactly opposite …“I am”


i am you and me

image and trait

real and bait

spent and saved


i am poise and mean

exactly opposite…”I am”





whisky or rum


I can see things everywhere


You know why?

Well I am drunk

or in my keyboard shift key

Is bigger than enter…


Or is it really binary

As I heard

Like yes or no

Or is it just go, try

take a hike…



Its both, or

Its usually none…

I am going to pee

And release

The confusion

As water is neutral

And it has acidity

Of none



Its so natural of being the


But the thing is

As usual for we freaks

Confusion is


So make your choice

Whisky or





Drunken monologue 2…



I think are made

On the concept of a drunk

They are efficient

And never thought

Of being hurt

They are human

As much as we are machines


They are taught

To tell best day ever

And we humans

Say, just being different

Or not

Best night ever…