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he asks me to be happy

useless, me helpless

i am not happy and he detests me

of not being happy and being happy

about it

and i think….hehe…is the only solution

next day

starting with a whitsle

he is only going to worry about

sorry i forgot

that’s what he detests

but i know

i am not gonna survive with this



i love her watery eyes…

but…here i am the same guy

not gonna reveal identities

gonna die in a tunnel

as i use..used tags  or


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Those hands on that rough surface

Feeling its colours and tasting it

They had a relation unnamed toldskin


They talked to each other, stories never


Like cinema, skins met and rustled

Stories discovered

Of old…

But it’s a prairie I thought, just

Some furniture.

But now those hands don’t rustle

It seems I am scared,

Of loyalty of those furniture.

So many imagined, staring me at each corner

Lowered the eyes and walked around.

It’s painful to see so loyal living, imagined, real

So many furniture…