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i’ll die today

may be tomorrow…

just hoping i must not

outlast you…

but how would i explain

to save the sorrow…

my not being will cause

to you

i know…

but i know…my dear loved ones

i’ll try hard not to succumb to fates

and will repeat as you say mother

god stood beside me…somehow…

all my motivations are directed to you

and still being far…is the price…

but i must not touch the butterfly i adore

or it stops flying…


my family


i lost ability to write


all things which inspire

are here in front

all toughness i could gather

are here beside

as if…i met examples

i followed

and this moment is truth


so why would i pick up pen

and write

as truth(s) i was searching

through words

is my family

they all smile…and look back

in the fog

imagining the start

and i see them…and say…

i hope….(what else i can do…)

i hope…this toughness…sacrifice

inspiration gathered

solidifies inside me

and i could write

beyond hope