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my family


i lost ability to write


all things which inspire

are here in front

all toughness i could gather

are here beside

as if…i met examples

i followed

and this moment is truth


so why would i pick up pen

and write

as truth(s) i was searching

through words

is my family

they all smile…and look back

in the fog

imagining the start

and i see them…and say…

i hope….(what else i can do…)

i hope…this toughness…sacrifice

inspiration gathered

solidifies inside me

and i could write

beyond hope


exactly apposite “I am”


I am happy

joyous and grumpy

celebrating and sulky

foolish and def

exactly opposite …“I am”


I am mad and tame

restless and innate

dirty and pristine

boisterous and calm

 exactly opposite… “I am”


I am good and bad

pink and black

curled and straight

smooth and rough

 exactly opposite…“I am”


I am high

and low

Surfaced and below

cunning and straight

deep and afloat

colored and white

confident and timid

pained and pleased

rash and coward

vulgar and petty

hero and anti

singular and many


exactly opposite …“I am”


i am you and me

image and trait

real and bait

spent and saved


i am poise and mean

exactly opposite…”I am”





escape art…


yesterday, in a movie

he loved, and he ran on streets

and then he dreamt

loved again

and sacrificed

and the movie became a commercial art form

because now sacrifice, love and dream sells…

or they make life a movie

and search art in it…

but both ways

they escape art, love and




Those hands on that rough surface

Feeling its colours and tasting it

They had a relation unnamed toldskin


They talked to each other, stories never


Like cinema, skins met and rustled

Stories discovered

Of old…

But it’s a prairie I thought, just

Some furniture.

But now those hands don’t rustle

It seems I am scared,

Of loyalty of those furniture.

So many imagined, staring me at each corner

Lowered the eyes and walked around.

It’s painful to see so loyal living, imagined, real

So many furniture…