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What to write


And the space in between

Lets say

Space is spelling mistake

And time is correction


My life has become


And spelling mistakes




There is always

Little bit conscience

And spelling mistake can wait

What I can utilize

Is the flow

Of experience


But I wont do that

I am inbuilt with


And in education

As there is always

Chapter ends

And always

There is you see


Look back

Try hard



and do not look back

and ya conscience

like me

not needed

as you’ll realize

the shit I am writing

is plagiarized


educating the change


to be (not) pretentious

i pretend to be not

but moreover

it spills, as much i hide

guess, i am listening

trying hard to learn

but always slips

as words always hide…

maybe i know

but invest

to educate myself

and pretend

that others also got


but you know, its always short

and ends up at the most brilliant idea

when i assume, i can change

but change, changing, changed

seems continuous and baring

and then the ink dies

the time i was sure

could have written the change…

absent inscriptions…


absenceMy insecurities
and their reflections
on others
extension of not expressing
and then finding insecurity in others

looking for pain
as crumples on straightened paper
or traces of hidden pencil marks
and then misreading them

as my expressions
and feeling relieved for a moment
as I disassociated my pain in another form
of me,
dealing with others
and finding answers for its own sake

now these traces are free
flying in the air, and the paper
is boasting its virginity
looking for finest words, which leave no traces
no backyard with presence

and insecurities, have learnt
to fly, to be invisible
they are free, as absence.

Hoping, someday they both will meet
just telling stories
and then may be
absence will be present