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accompanied hope…


whimsical mind

protective gestures

bursting actions

reciprocating response

curls closed

voids now flute with captured

wind chimes

no shared plays…as outside world

seems closed for now

whimsical mind

cutting my actions

closing accounts

washing hands…

deleting past response

now past calls seem fake

or just a momentous pause

like drunk night action

and then realizing all wrong

but still

there is time

to decide…

i am working…and correcting

my lies

living with hope

what if…

truth accompanied my lies…

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many things deepyou-re-not-alone

intended, known


leave you alone

and you talk to yourself

as other

on your own phone


i think

you are this way

because, you left to your priority

beyond the group you belong

and then

priority vanished

as usual

group was gone

and here you are

on your own….



sometimes…we must introduce

our besides to the priorities

and then carry on…



and you are alone

pretending to be not

that is the another mistake

if you are alone

be alone…

love is like that…


Love is like that

Its when you fall

In dark

And leave yourself

Somewhere aside


Love resides

Beneath the footsteps of a visitor

It comes with 

And never goes back

you keep hearing

That rustling inside


Love resides

Beneath your couch

It comes as dust

With wind blowing


And we sweep it

But whenever you see next day

Its beneath your couch


Love is found in dark

our eyes struggle to see

light a candle

It makes a circle

Complimenting the twinkle



love is failure


and lost

love is for losers

enjoy the free fall…


don’t try too hard…

defining usual


Detailing is loving

I mean

Loving is detailing

Falling in love is

Getting an idea

Infatuation is

foreign milieu

Flirting is exploring

And dreaming is


Text is possibility

Speculation is explaining

Failing is initial

Philosophy is texting

proposal is attaching

Imagining her unformed

Is generating

kissing and caressing

Is construction

Sex is separating…

For the next love making


And I cant fall into detailing

either detailing is absolved in

My texting

 And it needs redetailing


My loving leaps to separating…

educating the change


to be (not) pretentious

i pretend to be not

but moreover

it spills, as much i hide

guess, i am listening

trying hard to learn

but always slips

as words always hide…

maybe i know

but invest

to educate myself

and pretend

that others also got


but you know, its always short

and ends up at the most brilliant idea

when i assume, i can change

but change, changing, changed

seems continuous and baring

and then the ink dies

the time i was sure

could have written the change…



when taking over

is possible

when drowning is plausible

when thanking is defeatable

when blurring is eye opener

when loving is fallible

when pain is enjoying

when deep is surfacial

when thought is physical

when real is debatable

when life is virtual

when borrowed is valuable

when pain is sweet

and knowledge is ridicule

when beauty is explainable

when i am in love

and its acceptable



Drunken monologue 2…



I think are made

On the concept of a drunk

They are efficient

And never thought

Of being hurt

They are human

As much as we are machines


They are taught

To tell best day ever

And we humans

Say, just being different

Or not

Best night ever…