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is/isn’t exactly i


poet is poet

which is/isn’t supposed to be

flower is colour

and fragrance and form

may be a memory

now poet is poet


the flower would be all

except its own


wonder…where the intentions drop in

and writing pour

snow is beautiful and grapes are sour

tags of images, collage form


i wonder, why so delusional

poets cry

why they cant be…someone who try hard

to conclude

and avoid to judge

giving least of flair…

and bring in human part…

why not be lazy…and

skip the detail

let image be in paragraphs and sentences

may be not at all

rather than in each words

you are too sweet or sour

please…desserts are minuscule

compared to dinner


right and left


he said about right

and being wrong

and how right he was 

that i didn’t left a thought

apposing him


he was right and i was left 

knowing he wasnt right

and i wasnt left

we both were in between


juggling in

right and left


what about being on right

and believing in


of left


you don’t know

life mostly

takes us right and left

and all we are

some right

and some

left not being right…