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render with colours?


how i render reality
with colours
which are
mix of vision
and built by many others
of the same…
how i call em red
when they are inside
blue yellow and gold

how i render it as it is
when my hands wither
my thoughts wander
and choices biased

lets call it red or whatever
say it yellow or
they all come from nature
and blend into it
and we remain
one step further
one step
here and there

whisky or rum


I can see things everywhere


You know why?

Well I am drunk

or in my keyboard shift key

Is bigger than enter…


Or is it really binary

As I heard

Like yes or no

Or is it just go, try

take a hike…



Its both, or

Its usually none…

I am going to pee

And release

The confusion

As water is neutral

And it has acidity

Of none



Its so natural of being the


But the thing is

As usual for we freaks

Confusion is


So make your choice

Whisky or







Those hands on that rough surface

Feeling its colours and tasting it

They had a relation unnamed toldskin


They talked to each other, stories never


Like cinema, skins met and rustled

Stories discovered

Of old…

But it’s a prairie I thought, just

Some furniture.

But now those hands don’t rustle

It seems I am scared,

Of loyalty of those furniture.

So many imagined, staring me at each corner

Lowered the eyes and walked around.

It’s painful to see so loyal living, imagined, real

So many furniture…