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my family


i lost ability to write


all things which inspire

are here in front

all toughness i could gather

are here beside

as if…i met examples

i followed

and this moment is truth


so why would i pick up pen

and write

as truth(s) i was searching

through words

is my family

they all smile…and look back

in the fog

imagining the start

and i see them…and say…

i hope….(what else i can do…)

i hope…this toughness…sacrifice

inspiration gathered

solidifies inside me

and i could write

beyond hope




small details

are skipped…

and would go surfacial



meanings are not there

hence its you, who’ll be

culture…beneath the




now small details are like

for example…

experiencing and deduction

and then attachment of images

and sequencing of hand drawn

crafty diagonals

in between images…



but then still it wont suffice…

the thirst of you

is eternal…and the content

deep within skin

of you is transient…



no detail goes in that detail

to encompass the logic of culture

and you…



the reason and example of many things beneath you

and after…


any attempt of theological



so next time…

i would write fiction…

escaping all the


old rivalary


i realized
what someone meant by saying
philosophy and poetry are neighbors
and they never meet
but sometimes they do
and wonders occur
it rains upside down
Newton seems mad
philosophy forgets science
poetry does all the
crazy things


fishes fly

moon gets dimpled

before science knows

fairies become alive


but today i caught them

and i am mad
i might dance whole night naked
will pray
someone should write
as i am mad for rest of my life…

take me home…


how to say
is home
to whom

home is metaphorical
and “take me home”
is looking inside

take me home
with fewest images
with least struggle

take me home
flying fastest

take me home
without correcting spelling mistakes

take me home
drunk undrunk

take me home
for now
to silence of my thoughts

take me home to that
homely couch
with love beside

take me home…
lets all be home together
and huddle close by
like one,,,

take us home
with words so beautifully
you recite…

love is like that…


Love is like that

Its when you fall

In dark

And leave yourself

Somewhere aside


Love resides

Beneath the footsteps of a visitor

It comes with 

And never goes back

you keep hearing

That rustling inside


Love resides

Beneath your couch

It comes as dust

With wind blowing


And we sweep it

But whenever you see next day

Its beneath your couch


Love is found in dark

our eyes struggle to see

light a candle

It makes a circle

Complimenting the twinkle



love is failure


and lost

love is for losers

enjoy the free fall…


don’t try too hard…

render with colours?


how i render reality
with colours
which are
mix of vision
and built by many others
of the same…
how i call em red
when they are inside
blue yellow and gold

how i render it as it is
when my hands wither
my thoughts wander
and choices biased

lets call it red or whatever
say it yellow or
they all come from nature
and blend into it
and we remain
one step further
one step
here and there

educating the change


to be (not) pretentious

i pretend to be not

but moreover

it spills, as much i hide

guess, i am listening

trying hard to learn

but always slips

as words always hide…

maybe i know

but invest

to educate myself

and pretend

that others also got


but you know, its always short

and ends up at the most brilliant idea

when i assume, i can change

but change, changing, changed

seems continuous and baring

and then the ink dies

the time i was sure

could have written the change…