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exactly apposite “I am”


I am happy

joyous and grumpy

celebrating and sulky

foolish and def

exactly opposite …“I am”


I am mad and tame

restless and innate

dirty and pristine

boisterous and calm

 exactly opposite… “I am”


I am good and bad

pink and black

curled and straight

smooth and rough

 exactly opposite…“I am”


I am high

and low

Surfaced and below

cunning and straight

deep and afloat

colored and white

confident and timid

pained and pleased

rash and coward

vulgar and petty

hero and anti

singular and many


exactly opposite …“I am”


i am you and me

image and trait

real and bait

spent and saved


i am poise and mean

exactly opposite…”I am”






defining usual


Detailing is loving

I mean

Loving is detailing

Falling in love is

Getting an idea

Infatuation is

foreign milieu

Flirting is exploring

And dreaming is


Text is possibility

Speculation is explaining

Failing is initial

Philosophy is texting

proposal is attaching

Imagining her unformed

Is generating

kissing and caressing

Is construction

Sex is separating…

For the next love making


And I cant fall into detailing

either detailing is absolved in

My texting

 And it needs redetailing


My loving leaps to separating…

render with colours?


how i render reality
with colours
which are
mix of vision
and built by many others
of the same…
how i call em red
when they are inside
blue yellow and gold

how i render it as it is
when my hands wither
my thoughts wander
and choices biased

lets call it red or whatever
say it yellow or
they all come from nature
and blend into it
and we remain
one step further
one step
here and there

educating the change


to be (not) pretentious

i pretend to be not

but moreover

it spills, as much i hide

guess, i am listening

trying hard to learn

but always slips

as words always hide…

maybe i know

but invest

to educate myself

and pretend

that others also got


but you know, its always short

and ends up at the most brilliant idea

when i assume, i can change

but change, changing, changed

seems continuous and baring

and then the ink dies

the time i was sure

could have written the change…

Structure…..I can’t blend


Merging it to rituals and making it a image
Giving it a name

And acceptance came running

courtesy lauren mcgrath...

courtesy lauren mcgrath...

in aftermath
So is repetition…

I can’t blend
Colors’? No call them structure
I can’t blend structures

It becomes what it is…
Sometimes it isn’t…
Sometimes I blend
I can’t blend

I can’t blend
Because I lose reasons
So I lose images…so many
Blending…is iconography…
A politically correct policy

I am not saying what is right
And what is fallacy
What is said in here…
reasons inside
are surfacially outside…