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well, am an architecture student. Poetry helps me to clear my thoughts. rest is all in my writing.



small unseen errors

changing the system

the form is waiting to be affected

as details will differ…

had a choice

since the errors were minuscule

but correcting them required

overhauling of the whole

more time and patience…


since they were unseen

i carried on

and adjusted the details in correspondence

of errors…

now what i see…in aftermath


of complete system…

and going back is possible

only if time gets reverse…


beauty structure…


look at those shoes

some unexpected lines

in the defined form

look at her…


plus some flowing belly lines

look at that car

some utilitarian curve

plus some curves which defined scale of utility

that tree is so humble

sky is so vibrant

this song is so structural

her voice has grains

the writing is so modest

his life was zero

that food was so delicious

why this hunger brings happiness

are we searching beauty still…

layered beauty

that tree of car in the shoe print of the girl

who sings that deep song with her grainy voice

is it beautiful?

is layering tangible?

so deep grainy voice…

like water flowing behind the hills…


intelligence of frills on his face

of a decade…


blues of greens, yellows of whites

pink in blacks…when lights falls on them…

travelling far from moon…


does burning of a oil lantern creates prettier light

than burning of coil…

is it because it accompanies smell…


so would you like to watch full moon

with “full moon sonata” playing

accompanied with drinks…


does beauty belongs to occasion

or it was always true

it only lies in our vision…

whatever way…does beauty beholds

a cynical mind?

does beauty has form?

architecture and life


hit by self righteousness

obviously i must be wrong…

did we ever see a drunken man

not behaving like a drunk…

when one drinks

one gets drunk…

so which teacher(human) doesn’t talk

which reader doesn’t express

if someone is moving in a direction

something must be reverse…

are directions also right and wrong?

given god is everywhere and sane…

hit by self consciousness

so we know who we are…

does it changes “the definition of life”

or happiness is new ritual

now “I do what makes me happy”

and what makes me happy….is….

broadest life

but i was talking architecture to them

and they talk life…

more than next


seeing the future

too much…

time involved

far far away

lines drawn on

line drawn

gazing the sun

it’s harsh

blinds closed

orange imprinted on mind


eyes, not needed anymore

time still passes by

nothing helps

hearing small small things

only waiting for moment

next to next of

just passed by…

cad definition


look into perfection
look more
cant see anything
everything perfect?

zoom in
roam around
live within, derive definition
spend time
now look again
what do you see?

lines don’t meet?
what else do you see?
medium is eerie
surface lagged

now check your units, of zooming in
does it exceeds, like mm/100, mm/1000
is it, yes?
zoom out

life is good
be happy…

salute en masse



all around me

some have gotten older

with medals

other seem to be surviving

everyone alive

of the sunken ship

as sea is meant to save humanity

lucky ones died

as they struggled against the sea

for drowning

or they borned heavy

lucky dead

now hung as posters


die again and again

luckily in stories

as survivors love to live with

dead people faith

they call it, their own history

surviving by fate

surviving by willfulness

surviving in mass

surviving, hoping to die younger

surviving hoping

surviving head towards sky…and nose underneath

surviving shameless

surviving heavily

not heavy enough for drowning

as dead seemed dead for forever

they were never alive

so i never learnt

the art of dying…

younger elder


smiles pass by

and so many casuals

sticking as if not sticking

sticking for temporary purpose


the world has always been like that

and so was myself


sticking to ideals

and they smile…as they are someways


they know…they teach

create and paid for being responsible


and me younger

always younger

either you talk more to be…


or you talk more of your business to be younger