dragging time


art of saying, isn’t experience bound

or, there would be billions of poets

and poetry isn’t work of laborious

astute thinkers

or else, many wouldn’t even make a sound

they sleep in pain

and are diseased

over burdened and waking up is next in their mind

I think of poets inspirators

they live in less oxygen


poets existence of parasites

we suck aesthetics of least expressed minds

we steal their diseased life’s pleasure


with chest pounding

with these texts, we claim the world

but, there is nothing

that is mine

we live on leaked moments of others time

we live in social garbage bins

our time is drag

it lags behind the reality’s time

and we realize again and again

others mistakes, we see their actions in reasons

and lack any strength except to opine


poets don’t die thats why

death isn’t a gift for dragging time

death is a release

only for real, fathers mothers and warriors their children and verbs


death doesn’t exist for sorry nouns…






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  1. Ruchi Jain December 1 at 11:19pm
    I am sending you one of my written blog,,plz have a look on it and suggest something .

    Unplanned Game–(title)

    Was planning to write something since morning. Still one thing always common, want to write something and end up somewhere else.
    Today also,,lets see

    Unachieved, unadored, unquenched
    Was planning to move ahead
    Thoughts intermingled, swarmed, and get compiled
    Plethora outcomes were realised
    Days came and got amended
    Amenable nexuses were formed
    Everybody was at exultation
    And me too
    But with the game
    Which was not planned.

    • see writing or doing anything, requires you to know yourself, what you want, or at least, what you think you want or feel…so to understand it you must talk to yourself first, and not write straight away…

      its required that you feel it, still it might happen that, you still not finding the words or motivation…
      you must seek inspiration, from books, other writers, people, nature, situations, study them. writing is a farmer’s process of growing a seed, it needs cultivation, with care, lots of patience and critical understanding of the plot…to grow it good…it might happen that you spend days, not writing, all it went in trying to write, but nothing satisfactory…

      you must understand, do not try to say too much…try to say one thing only, which will be thread binding the beads…then it’ll grow…

    • hey Christina…I had been bit busy, all due to some work, so everything is being spent in that…
      actually there is a quiet amount of melancholy in all my poems…it can be called criticality if you like…there is similar amount of melancholy in the way I live.
      what i mean in the poem is…I would love poets to double, triple their job…and may be become a slightly corrupted breed than just calling themselves poets…they should become scientist and poets…or banker and poet, an army personnel and a poet…so on…

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