time grew

while i was asleep

everyone was away

my house leaked…


my brother is eighteen

and he lives angry and foolish

when house leaks…for him

it doesn’t mean insecurity

it just leaks


and so on…I accumulate so many

sorry, its always me and my pities


when you are younger

say younger than me

you never conclude

you dream

but never try to forsee

change is not what is necessary for you

but everyday is a¬†possibility…

failing to get angry

so easily…

I just stop, hear my exceptional heart beats

and feel pity…

there is an expensive watch inside me…

everything is liable…to change

just talk, negotiate…and picture would emerge

reality cant be rendered, but if you have seen enough

reality can be talked…


few days back I was on the same road

I cycled…

and obviously someone asked you remember…

and I was like, I feel dead…

I remember my teacher, he is getting old

I can feel

he is older than me…

I’ve no passion

and no motives

I just love some people

my life is many people

who mostly smiled on me

never ending

they said again and again

you are very lucky…


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  1. suppose the above one needed quite some time to develop. really like this one. reminds me of the “parole” on my blog: those who have wings, fly your dreams.

    you create your own reality, and you have to.

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