Brothers…they leave


brothers, they leave

mother knows

fighting teenagers

affection grows and then we hear

brothers leave

ask my father

he is a brother or was

ask everyone elder

they are or they were

brothers leave

boundaries made

peace is future

when walls are drawn

walls are guardians

of love

Mother knows, why walls must be drawn

as mother worries

love be there or not


peace must be brokered

ground must be tilted

walls must be drawn

dream poet dream

light candles

but we must build

because mother of brothers knows

with every child

walls must be drawn…


2 responses »

    • i wrote it just a few days back…when my mom asked me to design a house for myself and my little brother, on leftover land adjacent the current house…i understood her notion…so expressed….
      this poem is also an inspiration for the design…..

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