silent scream…



how you resolve words

how you resolve the words

you’ll use in crude expression


how will you edit

what you must scream

how you’ll hold

and go for aftermath


what lies in editing

what lies in hiding

what lies in politics

what lies in polishing

what lies in refining


when you look in those eyes

submissive eyes

why you turned around

and gave the same cornered eyes

to someone else around


what lies in photo finish

of the reality around

what lies in loving each time truely

and being rational


what lies in your behind

and the present you present

what lies when you are taller

and you look down


just going round and round

its not a judgement

it sounds nice…round

now since i don’t have answers

must use metaphors

sun, rivers, life, damn


why i can not say

will never say

the utmost, most crude

immediate thought

please remove my teeth



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