back n gone


straight talks


refining to make the point

skipping the bumps

aiming whatever


making elevation

of the plans

refining the straight plans

but this comes in medium

why i always talk straight

and don’t do crooked talk


when you look a region

being inside

when you look a region

being in space around

when you look the region being inside

after being in the space around, outside


when you talk straight

and when you talk crooked

when you mumble

when you write poetry

when you unsay with need to say

when you write all along

sleepless nights


when you help

with yourself on line

when you love abundant

being penniless in love account

when you let go

and then bring again the same



when you talk about “when’s” and “why’s”

speculating and straightening the universal questioning sound

when you share

in dumbest medium

when you tilt

just to tilt…with first wall you sketched

in your plans

when you make your work

unreadable and more undoable

to transgress…the knowings you gained


when i see my ruthless elders, teachers

and me being taller each day



and when this when…stops being future

and becomes present


this will go on

this must go on

when something happens

something intact, pure

true and beautiful


its you…obviously you…

lingering in painful state for almost forever


thank them too…who just lingered around


its dramatic

beauty takes unusual means…of pains

to know…it takes forever….of individuals


to create beauty of permanence…


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