all pink


remember when you were in…umm

lots of things

lets say…long hairs, glasses

being shy, books, soft shoes

being thin, boyish, tom cruise

bike stunts

and love

i try hard to remember

such things…

but all i remember is a thin boy

who was in love…

rest nothing fell in place

so i did something

slept when i was older

and went back…and now

i am everything…long haired

thin and cute…and a gal

hovering around me

blessed and shocked

and far, there is a teacher…nice teacher

looking at us…sharing the benches

something fishy…as we kissed

what you doing there?

and meĀ dumb ass, cute one though

no sir, i am a book worm

i don’t do wrong

and here comes the brave gal

so what? what you wanna say

did we kiss?

and teacher shooed away….

and then, roads of delhi

markets of bhiwani

gardens of school

all were pink


and unhygienic

bubble-gum love

and then it blew and blew

phat! all on face

and i woke up

saw the time

it took only few minutes of…

my own movie screening…


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