fridge toppled bang!

hands covering ears

eyes widened

but nothing happened

just fabric shuffled and back in position

like water in a pot

not even spilled

and fridge toppled

hearts never broken

injuries were vapours

nations never captured

people never gone

just fabric shuffled

it was dream

what a dream!

that, there was a cover all over

above the realscape

and all of us sitting in space

watching ourselves

seeing how just fabric shuffled

and every time something happens

scurried buzz, eyes open

oh! we are above realscape

no pain occurred

in dream, i realized it was a dream

but what a dream…

already started missing that pain

i missed…as it compared only fabric shuffle

and now i am awake

seeing, what if, it was happening

all we see is…far off

someone wept….

oh it was terrible

but isn’t it

common phenomenon

and so we carried on…

as more and more we are seeing these days

every thing is just a temporary contour

in that homogenous cover on realscape


3 responses »

  1. hello,

    yup. i tend to blog about the randomest of things. there’s no fixed agenda.

    you’ve probably seen me at some krvia exhibition or the likes. which college are you from?

    and, i tend to avoid poetry. it’s usually beyond my league. ‘exodus’ looks interesting though


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