Eyes caved

so deep…that light doesn’t reach

its dark in there

deprived of sleep

permanent craziness

malnourished body

hazy brain

and fixed lips extended


for minutes

hairs so soft

of acids deposited

back arched in humbled gesture

to thee of whatever

bags lifted forward

to avoid falling backwards

standing in sleep

why so much…


to this fragile bearded heart…

smokes flutter

I think of death

as it has befriended


at the seventeenth year

and so I think of


my mother

and then I again get back

to self torture…

my Jesus…asks me

there is no escape…

either you’ll die young

or calmness will prevail

to the eternal…

but at least drink

some milk…

or eat some omelet

as hungry you ain’t gonna save the world….

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  1. hi there

    nice poems you’ve written, as always 😉 your comment on one of my poems was listed as spam, but i read it anyway… how are you? still busy studying?

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