teacher’s son


so where did you leave

in suction

but intended to come back

didn’t you

as i am giving you, your

momentary directions

so where will you leave

beyond me

cant imagine

but feels terrible

not being able to see you anymore

and not needing my directions

but i didn’t  leave

and i was already left

that’s why you enjoyed

providing direction

it feels terrible to know

not being with your directions


where did i leave

oh, don’t say it anymore

i feel empty

inside, with moments approaching

of permanent marching

but you lived with people moving away

so what is with me

moving away

your teachings always pointed

of being and not being your son


so many sons you give away

to this world’s motivation

and who don’t leave

were never your beloved ones

but i won’t leave…father

you built me

assume…you multiplied yourself

in numerous motivations…


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