he made a movie

OK ! fine

he wrote a story with each moment

with passion

utmost refined

he wrote a story for making a movie

he made a movie…

and such a clapping…his ears still chime



humm… his movie is bygone now

and now he wonders

who made the movie…

i never knew what is written in this rhyme

conviction is not mine

i never heard of such creativity

of mine

what is this story

is this dreaming of last night…

why this character has whine

and this frame of time…?



and then someone comes

with a crack on the face

upward bound

please tell me…how did it feel

after such a response

what a masterpiece

i am your ultimate fan

please bless me…

by telling…how you make

such a masterpiece each time?

and he, who wrote

he, who is confused about all

looks at the visitor…like a fool

and says may be…i am not sure

but may be

its because i have memory of

very short time…

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