dedicated to a late friend…


don’t say i will tell

what is required

don’t say i’ll make an ivory tower

don’t say life is

exactly what is desired

nor say people are good

as political satire

don’t say i’ll live forever

as i dreamt last night

and was dead in real

was talking …may be to my body

look i knew you’ll die

and body said…well nothing new

i also knew am almost expired

and huge headache


and realized i am still to retire

but now  still to decide

how to live…as i am never for forever

this confusion

of my habits…and god knows what else

i worry

still hoping…which is hopeless

that god is there

and my mother prays

goodness will not expire

hope i am good

for her prayers to travel

but these ways of life…

is there anything except god

i can conspire…?


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