on run


there is a past behind

and do i remember?

there is past behind

of doing and done…

do i remember

remember…it was done…

as it became past

so what was done about it…except

its becoming the past…

something escaped becoming past?

or something which was never done?

or something which i never intended to be gone

so what is in the past…with properties to be longed

what was which will fuel my next run

what was which escaped the list

and escaped to long gone

and i never learnt

and now it comes back

and will come back again

even i am long gone

as the process interrupted, omitten

as if intermediaries were flying

in the stretch of time…

and past which i considered past

was not past because my doings were never

intended to be present…in the presence of

what currently i am…

as consciously i am always

on run….


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