curves in my straight forward


i can not talk about sunnyness of sun

and the taste of sweat

the nullness of void

weight of heart

i can not tell how it felt

when i met singular people

with plural places…in their heart

its unexplainable

elaboration is what they do

talk about so many…with a sense of humour

and i felt…something is there

underneath that heart

a toppling buzz…head aches

without headache

heart sours…without exactly, love

eyes shine…no target

something far they see, people

and their minute silly interests

so funny, and i fell in love

landscape of my life

is not in minutest, how path curves

and where leaves shed

things reveal slowly, with movement

elements discovered


my life is not curved

i don’t talk in smaller beautiful, nostalgic worlds

revealing in the path of curve…

but seems they are the content…of the people

and richness…introvert

and i do things straight forward

but love…seeing laugh in the world

twisted stories, and fabricated perception

worried look, and stealing themselves

unfocused eyes, huddling themselves

asking silly questions

involved in themselves

i miss it, being introvert…

involved and tender

as i am being straight forward

people, introvert

self bounding curl…

small beginnings, larger voids

they play in it…talk in it…and enrich

when they confess the inside play

to whole world…

i miss it…in my straight farwards

hence include people as much i can

accepting the rare invitation

just taking care of  thing

its the people i care…hence

richness served…in the straight farward…

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  1. There is a beautiful beginning and a spectacular end. Wait, it just got better, limitless end! Your expressions haven’t stopped flowing, and they create a territory altogether. As I said I love your pieces, and this outrightly is a marvel. Keep it up and keep writing!

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