i don’t feel anything


except a echo in my head

which i cant recall…

his saying had the value

of echo…

nothing more…as his words were not absolute

as always

all value he wanted to achieve

by saying


as he left the trace




echo in my head

i hope he would be happy…

so would i

will build someday

beside him



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  1. Incredible structuring of emotions! Now, structuring of emotions, did you really see that coming as a comment? Well, that’s a compliment out-an-out. Your imagination is way beyond the mundane. I love your pieces.

    • i don’t know…in the world of words…no-one knows one is good until proved somehow…by a trusted source…
      so actually i don’t know…in other things like “architecture” you build and you know…its good…words they are always good and bad….as they are most basic form of expression…
      you never know they are good…or you always do…just somewhere here n der…in between…

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