my family


i lost ability to write


all things which inspire

are here in front

all toughness i could gather

are here beside

as if…i met examples

i followed

and this moment is truth


so why would i pick up pen

and write

as truth(s) i was searching

through words

is my family

they all smile…and look back

in the fog

imagining the start

and i see them…and say…

i hope….(what else i can do…)

i hope…this toughness…sacrifice

inspiration gathered

solidifies inside me

and i could write

beyond hope


3 responses »

  1. once again you seem to improve yourself in writing 🙂 never quit, even though you may think you lost the ability 😉

  2. “wow”: thnx, impressed myself too with the butterfly waltz;) when can i read one of your new poems??

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