words mean so many thing

with some left over…
words are man made

but how you will remove
the nature inside you
the left over

you do or not
poet inside you
will express it…

nature is silly
and simple
complicate it if you want
overlap it with words

but their is gap
in words to communicate
nature and silliness
and poem

its where you

i am talking like if i know
but you know…
i know that

in between you and me
words only exist
so i can talk silly

rest i can leave it on
your nature


3 responses »

  1. A word, a world.
    A tongue to share.
    A woman, a girl,
    a peace between the pair
    of contradictions.
    A silly set, paradoxes,
    those two have never met –
    a woman and a world.

    A thought, a meaning.
    A flooding of the heart.
    A man, a child weaning
    a dammed river’s part
    in the whole of creation.
    An odd pair, illusions,
    two parallel lines.
    A man and his flood.

    A day, a night,
    flood and world collide
    abundance, a blight
    only time will decide
    the outcome of it all.
    A strange couple, oil and water
    always separate
    like words and thoughts.

    Your poem serves as tremendous inspiration. Thank you. ~V

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