love is like that…


Love is like that

Its when you fall

In dark

And leave yourself

Somewhere aside


Love resides

Beneath the footsteps of a visitor

It comes with 

And never goes back

you keep hearing

That rustling inside


Love resides

Beneath your couch

It comes as dust

With wind blowing


And we sweep it

But whenever you see next day

Its beneath your couch


Love is found in dark

our eyes struggle to see

light a candle

It makes a circle

Complimenting the twinkle



love is failure


and lost

love is for losers

enjoy the free fall…


don’t try too hard…


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  1. I think our thoughts match alot… Other than mine being “You are” and yours is “I am.” I don’t know how you found me but I’m glad you did because I doubt I woulda found you otherwise. I enjoy your writing. Keep up the good work. If you don’t mind me asking… Where are you from? Your name sounds very unique. I hope that didn’t offend you. I didn’t mean anything negative by it. It just caught my attention. Thanks again for the good feedback and keep up the good writing. Later on…

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