whisky or rum


I can see things everywhere


You know why?

Well I am drunk

or in my keyboard shift key

Is bigger than enter…


Or is it really binary

As I heard

Like yes or no

Or is it just go, try

take a hike…



Its both, or

Its usually none…

I am going to pee

And release

The confusion

As water is neutral

And it has acidity

Of none



Its so natural of being the


But the thing is

As usual for we freaks

Confusion is


So make your choice

Whisky or






5 responses »

  1. I’ll go for Whisky cos its more riskey.. 😀
    Nice one mate… reminds me of all the talks of boys when the r drunk … Gosh … and the P 😛


    Keep writting.

  2. hey again

    i’m have a bit of an unusual question: do you mind if I put your poem together with some music? I will write the music myself (as im a composer).

    so, what do you think?


  3. Heyhey

    I completed the song of this poem! I hope you’re ok with the fact I mentioned your name in the video and in the description. You can find it on youtube:

    Furthermore, I hope you like the music. If you want I can send you a Finale 2007 file, which allows you to see what the exact melody of the lyrics is 😉 You can download Finale Notepad for free if you don’t have this program yet. Ask me if this gives any trouble 🙂

  4. hi

    i’m glad you like it 😀

    about the voice humming: the program (Finale 2007) has a few ‘voice’ options, but none of them fits the jazz-like music. I can choose between a classical choir (as you hear 4 times in the music) or ‘voice-oohs’, which sounds like blowing on the neck of a bottle…

    But if you want you can sing it yourself. You still need to have Finale Notepad 2008, because you need to see the exact melody line, but it is quite easy to download this program 😉 I don’t know what your vocal range it, but maybe I need to transpose the music a little bit down (as it now fits my voice :P) Of course I can sing it as well, but I don’t have a mic 😦 When you’re done singing, I can put it together with the music ^^

    If you send an e-mail to


    I’ll send you my msn…

    Looking forward to speak with you!

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